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EO 4 Pets

Our  mission is to help pets. Companion animals add so much to our lives, we want to give back to them.

We rescue dogs from kill shelters. We found that the first problem we faced was the extremely high anxiety level. Living in a shelter with no hope...some shut down and others were still hopeful but stressed. Once we got them out of the shelter, we still had to deal with the emotions that ruled them.

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Welcome To Blackjack Rescue

Blackjack Animal Rescue & Catahoula Connection is a 501c3 organization. Our primary mission is to rescue catahoulas, catahoula mixes and other breed animals from kill shelters in the southeast. We are an all breed rescue currently relying solely on foster homes.

Our primary goal is to reduce the deaths and suffering of animals that we are aware of in our sphere of influence. This is accomplished by providing rescue and spay/neuter, as well as providing needed vet care.

We are always in need of foster homes, fostering saves lives. We also need donations to keep our animals vetted, fed and boarded or safely transported to their foster homes while they await their forever homes.

Fostering & Cost To Rescue FAQ's

Facts On Fostering

If you have always wanted to do something about the horrific euthanasia rate at the shelters, but have not felt you were ready for a dog full time, fostering presents an opportunity to save lives on an ongoing basis.

The Commitment

Emotional: It takes a very special person to open their hearts to one of these dogs, to love and nurture them for a period of time, and then give them up when their new permanent home is found.

Financial: Blackjack Animal Rescue will continue to provide for the dog’s expenses, including medical, food, grooming and supplies.

Time: We ask for a minimum of a two week period. Are you a teacher, a studio employee, an actor or someone who has time available occasionally? If you can handle the responsibility of a dog, a few weeks makes a huge difference.

Foster To Adopt

Fostering To Adopt: This is a special category. If you are a prospective first time dog owner and are not really sure you’re ready for the responsibility, or have other pets and want to make sure that the new dog is compatible, a "foster to adopt” is a great opportunity to share your home without the long term commitment of a permanent adoption.

Application to Foster: Just go to our adoption application and make sure to check the "foster” box. Fill out an application now.

Agreement to Foster: This delineates the responsibilites of both Bill Foundation and those of the foster home. Click here to see the Agreement to Foster.

Home Check: As with our adoption process, we also do a home check. If it is a house, we look for a safe environment such as a fenced yard free of debris and harmful areas. If you live in an apartment, please remember many dogs, and not just small ones, do very well in an apartment. However, time does become a factor for apartment dwellers and fostering should only be considered if your schedule allows enough time to take the dog out on a regular schedule.

Emotional Support, Socialization, Personality & Medical Observations

Emotional Support & Socialization: We ask that you give your foster the emotional support necessary to help them transition through this phase. Often this involves helping to socialize them, making them feel more secure and good about themselves (see Joys of Fostering). In short, we ask that your foster becomes part of your family.

Personality Observations/Medical Issues Information: Help us update your foster dog’s bio with information such as: Are they housebroken? OK with cats? Likes other dogs or perfers to be an only dog? The more we get to know about the rescue through the observations of the foster parent, the better the chance of a successful forever home.

Help, I’ve Fallen In Love! Fosters have the "first right of refusal.” We would never accept an application for a dog who is fostered without first discussing the placement with their foster.

Congratulate Yourself: It is easy to say "I want to help” or "I’d like to take them all” but by taking ONE needy dog into your home, you are making the difference between life and death. Your commitment creates a space for us to take another dog out of the shelter. Thank you.

Cost To Rescue

Puppies: Puppies costs from $175-350 depending on age. Puppies are given parvo/distemper, dewormed and if old enough also given rabies and spayed or neutered. The adoption fee does include the spay and neuter for each puppy.

Adults: Adults cost from $125-400 depending on the dogs. We strive to apply a fee that is in keeping with other rescues in your area. We compare other rescues and humane societies so that it is a fair consideration to you, the adoptor and the fees, remember that we use this money to save another dog, so therefore, your fee will save another dog as well as the one you adopted.

Our Cost To Rescue Dogs: THE AVERAGE COST is approaching $600 for each dog including vetting, food, boarding and transport. Also that accounts for medical needs like heartworm and parvo treatments. We strive to provide the care they need until they go home with you, the adoptive parents. IF you have a question about cost, please email us at We will make sure you are clear on any costs related to adoption or travel.

Transport Info: We do provide lists and names of people or organizations that are willing to transport, by ground or air your adopted dog to you at your request, we can provide that info.

Thank you for considering a rescued dog!

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